What’s The ROI On Choosing The Right Renovation Company

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There are many different approaches for how to choose the right renovation company. Some things you can look out for are professionalism, good client-renovation company chemistry, and having a pleasant experience. But some people might say that these are more or less “feel good” benefits and that it’s a better deal to just go with the lowest offer from a reputable renovation company. The reasoning behind this is that as long as the company is reputable, you’ll get a good job no matter what.

The fact is, “reputable” doesn’t mean a renovation company necessarily has the right manpower, skills, or experience to deliver your specific type of job on time, on budget, and to your expectations.

Let me give you a quick example: A renovation company recently won a bid for a restaurant space. They hadn’t ever done a restaurant and there quite a few things had to be resized, reordered and redone. They finally got things right, but it forced the restaurant owners to delay their opening for several months – and pay rent even though they weren’t yet open. Cash flow isn’t just a “feel good” benefit. With a better-fit renovation company, the restaurant owner could have started seeing money come in months earlier if he’d chosen a better-fit renovation company.

You see these same kinds of experience shortfalls in home remodeling. For instance, a renovation company that is very experienced at doing kitchen and bathroom remodels doesn’t necessarily have the expertise to do a great job on a “pop top” addition project.

Once you determine that a renovation company is reputable (professional, financially stable, etc.), make sure they have done projects similar to the one you’re considering. That way, when you talk with former clients, you can make apples-to-apples comparisons between what these clients experienced and the ROI you’re likely to see on your own project.

Remember, ROI isn’t just about that initial bid. It’s about finding a company who can deliver all the “feel good” advantages of professionalism and quality craftsmanship plus the dollars-and-cents rewards of delivering a great job on time and on budget.